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DEN Recipes



Wanpaku Sandwiches with DEN

Healthy Wanpaku Sandwiches with Den and chicken breast meat

*Wanpaku means playful, cheerful in Japanese
<Basic information>
Serving size:1person
Preparation time:10 minutes
2 pieces of sliced bread
160g chicken breast meat
a little salt & pepper
2 big spoon of cornstarch
1 big spoon of olive oil
a little butter
20g shredded cabbage
20g carrot
1 boiled egg
2 asparagus
3-4 lettuce leaves
3 big spoon of Den dip sauce
※ vegetables for sandwiches can be replaced with whatever you like
1, Make chicken saute. Cut the meat into 4 pieces, salt pepper, and cornstarch on both sides.
2, Warm olive oil in a frying pan and bake for 1 to 5 minutes at medium heat on both sides.
3, Prepare other items.
Slice the carrots thinly with a peeler ,and put a little salt to it. Once it becomes soft, squeeze extra moisture.
Cut the boiled eggs in half length. Boil the asparagus and cut it in half.
Wash lettuce leaves and wipe off the water. Then cut into pieces that fit in the bread.
4, Lay cling wrap about four times the bread.  Put bread on that, and spread butter and a big spoon of "Den"  for one side of each bread.
Put cabbage, carrot, asparagus, chicken saute, boiled eggs on one of bread.
Add a big spoon of "Den", then put lettuce leaves and another bread.
5, While watching carefully so as not to collapse, wrap the sandwich tightly with lap and leave it for about 5 minutes.
6, Cut in half as the cross section looks beautiful.
<Cooking point>
· You can change the ingredients of the sandwich to whatever you like. Hard vegetables are easily pinched when sliced and kept in salt.
Example) Paprika, sliced cucumber, shredded purple cabbage, etc.