Design and Develop Halal Products 

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Halal Certified & Muslim Friendly



Why Halal?

We would like as many people as possible to enjoy Japanese culture and cuisine, regardless of nationality or religion, and the spread of Japan-made halal compliant products makes this possible.

Making food stuffs that are halal compliant does not mean that we are making products for only Muslim consumers. It just means that we are making it possible for Muslims to enjoy our products as well.



Matcha BaumKuchen

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Halal Dipping Sauce DEN Recipes Vol.1

Healthy Wanpaku Sandwiches With Den

Wanpalu Sandwiches with Den & chicken

How is the Langue De Chat?

try it Langue de chat

If you come to Japan, you must buy "Shefty Premium Langue De Chat"



No Alcohol, No Pork

Premium Langue De Chat / 1,400yen

Light crispy cookie sandwiching milky white chocolate. The cookie and chocolate  match perfectly and have an addictive taste. 
This product uses no animal-based food products other than eggs and milk.
Ingredients: Quasi-chocolate (vegetable oil, sugar, lactose, whole milk powder, skim milk powder, cocoa butter), flour, sugar, egg white, margarine, whipped cream, shortening (soy-derived), milk, skim milk powder, salt, emulsifier (soy-derived), flavoring, coloring (carotene)

light & moist cake

Matcha Baumkuchen / 1,458yen

We used two kinds of green tea with different appearances and tastes to finish off this two-layered baumkuchen. The layer-by-layer carefully baked batter brings out an intense flavor with its moist yet light texture.
We do not use any animal related ingredients and alcohol though Halal certified yet.
Eggs,Sugar,Butter,Heavy Cream,Shortening,Almond,Powder Sugar,Wheat Flour,Green tea,Starch Syrup,Starch,Trehalose,Emulsifiers,Acid,Sorbitol,Flavour,Food Colours(Carotene)


Healthy Salad Dressing DEN -Japanese Style-

Salad Dressing DEN Japanese Style / 697yen

“Den” is halal authenticated product made in Japan. This is a healthy dressing good for beauty and we pursued the best taste while caring your health. It is full of antioxidants such as natural Carotene super Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10,It’s perfect for maintaining beautiful skin, health, and preventing lifestyle disease.
We prepared 2 types: dipping sauce type which is ideal for salad, steamed vegetable and baguette and Japanese style dressing with a rich flavor of soy sauce.
Edible vegetable oil, soy sauce (contains defatted soybeans and wheat), salt, rice-malt flavouring, brewed vinegar, lemon juice, grated garlic, sodium alginate

Healthy Dipping Sauce -all purpose seasoning-

Halal Dipping Sauce DEN / 740yen

Healthy Dipping sauce “Den” is halal authenticated product made in Japan. Using the Japanese cuisine technique, this is a healthy dressing good for beauty and we pursued the best taste while caring your health. Carotino oil is mainly used and it is full of antioxidants such as natural Carotene super Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10.
Edible vegetable oil, apple, fish sauce (fish and shellfish), brewed vinegar, sugar, anchovy sauce, garlic powder, dried onion, starch paste, sodium alginate,sesame, salt

Wagyu/Japanese Beef

Halal Beef

We can supply wide range of Japanese Beef such as Hida Beef,ohmi beef, Halal certified beef.

Wagyu is actually Japan's origin brand though Aussie beef named and registered trade mark.
You’ll know the differences once you taste it, it’s the premium.




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